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We help organizations identify and define policy goals and then train them to craft and deliver a compelling message and ask key decision-makers.


Telling an engaging and compelling story in the unique voice of a constituent or organization is a learned skill. Delivering an effective message and asking in often a short amount of time can be even more challenging. Lodestone DC staff has experience being on the receiving end of advocacy and translating organizational asks into action, so we know what it takes to conduct an effective advocacy meeting. We can train your organizational staff at all levels to become, or improve as, effective advocates, starting with understanding the Federal context in which a meeting will take place, moving to how to use storytelling and evidence to engage policymakers, and ending with how to deliver a short, relevant policy ask. We can help your staff understand the various scenarios they might encounter in a meeting to be prepared for last-minute changes and adjustments and what questions they might expect from policymakers and staff. Lodestone DC will also train staff on how to craft an effective handout to leave behind. When organizations are well prepared for an advocacy meeting to deliver an important ask, it can make all the difference in accomplishing important policy goals. 

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