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We work closely with elected government officials and other organizations to find common ground on key issues and lobby with you or on your behalf to achieve results.


Given our direct Federal experience, we know how to navigate the politics and processes to get results in DC. We are also connected to the major national organizations working on education, workforce, and related issues, so we can identify promising partners with which to build coalitions to help accomplish your organization’s Federal agenda. Lodestone DC will provide strategic counsel to help you craft a targeted message and advocacy campaign in your unique voice to bring to key decision-makers in Congress and the Administration at the right time when things are happening. We also understand that to be an effective advocate means to build long-term relationships with such decision-makers and their staff.  We will help to introduce you to the right people to showcase your expertise so your organization is top of mind when policy questions arise that you can help answer, when a hearing occurs for which Congress needs a well-informed, savvy expert, or when an agency is crafting regulations for which it needs to understand the impact on the ground.

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