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Using our deep Federal connections and knowledge of government processes, we gather information to forecast what is coming next so your organization can effectively plan for and influence key events.


To be effective and influential in DC, it’s essential for an organization to have a sense of what Federal action is on the horizon. Lodestone DC has strong connections to all the major players who influence education and related policies, including relevant Congressional Committee Chairs and Ranking Members in the House and Senate and top leadership at the White House and relevant Federal agencies. Most importantly, we know the staff members who can get things done. We also understand House, Senate, and Agency procedures that need to happen to get a result - whether it’s knowing ahead of time what Congressional hearings will happen, what goes into a Committee markup, what happens on the House and Senate floor, or how to comment on Federal Agency regulations. Lodestone DC is prepared to use its knowledge to keep your organization informed on all that is happening in DC, especially in such uncertain times.

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