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We are expert at analyzing legislation, regulations, and guidance and developing potential policy options into specific results.


Knowing the right people is just a part of getting results in Washington, D.C. Lodestone DC has policy expertise to not only read, analyze, and comprehend complex legislation and regulations, but we can craft effective policy as well. We will help you develop a realistic Federal policy agenda from start to finish, honing in on your organization's work, identifying real-time opportunities in DC, and pinpointing where we feel changes can be made in Federal law, regulation, or other actions to best meet your goals. This work starts with deep analysis and understanding of your organization and includes building a strategic framework and principles to reflect your strengths, crafting detailed legislative specs or draft language to extrapolate on the principles, and then developing a strong message and rationale to accompany the detailed ask. Lodestone DC will always be direct and honest about the likelihood of accomplishing your goals – we can identify different tiers of advocacy efforts based on your priorities, from writing advocacy Dear Colleague letters to introducing new bills. 

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